Adios, 2010!

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It's the last day of the year; and although I know a great deal has happened this year, I don't feel that sense of awing retrospect that usually comes with reviewing a year in its entirety. I know I should. This year has been awash with ups and downs, thankfully there have been far more ups. So strange to look back at January and know it really has not been that long. It feels like another world.

Writing out the greater details of this year make me very happy. Happy to see the direction my life is headed, and happy to see how blessed I was this year (even if I may not always realize it). I wrote out a timeline for my own benefit, but I didn't see any reason not to post it here as well.

January -- Started my last full semester before completing my associates. Alex and I were talking nightly and raptly avoiding the idea of dating each other. And I was still working at Target.

February --Alex and I admitted we were dating and wondered what exactly that meant and how to go about this long-distance thing. School carried on.

March -- Some very horrible financial problems regarding my tuition exploded in my face and the world collapsed for a few days. My now supervisor saw me sob uncontrollably while on campus and through the magic of "I know a guy" I was hired at the college with a new job, better hours, and less physical stress. The Financial Aid Department forgave half my tuition fee and by the end of the summer it turned out all right. Alex came to visit for a week for Spring Break shortly thereafter, which was wonderfully fantastic.

April -- Kael started his speech therapy with the Health Department whilst I worked on getting him into the special school programs for the fall.

May -- End of the semester. Kael was given the possible diagnosis of Aspergers/Autism and I realized the scope of his delay(s). It was very very hard to take in, it still is. Mother's Day was beautiful -- Alex even had flowers sent to me for the occasion. Later in the month he also spent a week between spring and summer semesters.

June -- My last official semester. It was also punctuated by Alex smashing his hand between two massive metal beams and breaking a finger. An old friend of mine from Alabama passed away this month, leaving behind her young daughter and husband. Her death was accidental and not expected, it hit me very hard.

July -- Officially finished my associates degree, graduating cum laude. It felt pretty awesome. Also had my tattoo worked on, although it would take until September to complete.

August -- Alex came again for a week and we celebrated my graduation. Kael was accepted into a developmental delay program through his public school. Considering there are only twenty children allowed in the program annually Alex and I were elated he got in. We also played with our costumes in preparation for Dragon*Con.

September -- Went to Dragon*Con and experienced the epicness therein. We met several awesome people that I am happy to call friends that we still stay in close contact with. Alex proposed while we picnicked at Shakespeare Park and then I met his family (love you guys!). I also turned 25 during this month. Whoo, quarter of a century! This was also the month that I got a wild hair to start a public blog. And started hanging out with Katy in earnest. And cooking a great deal more, which I realized was incredibly cathartic. September was a very good month for me, all in all.

October -- Katy taught me to crochet and I went on a crafting rampage that ended up including most of my relatives Christmas gifts. I also went with Hannah to the Susan Komen Race For the Cure and we walked our way toward saving lives. Kael's birthday -and his birthday party- happened, although one might of wished for better weather conditions. Halloween was wonderfully fun and Kael had a blast being a ninja.

November -- Henna'd my hair for the very first time, which was an experience in and of itself. Alex came to visit for Thanksgiving and we spent a week together being awesome. We also saw Harry Potter and I fangirled to the Moon.

December -- Mostly focused on finishing up presents and my one college class. Then it was off to Vegas with Alex, Kael, and family and the super fun times that ensued. Not an overly invigorating month but definitely enjoyable.

I suppose over all it's been a good year. Here's to hoping that 2011 is even bigger and brighter! Happy New Year, everyone!



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